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Update: Commissions currently closed (Wow, that was fast)

Alright, so I'm doing commissions again, but there are a few new rules.

Since commissions are going to be my main source of income for awhile, I'm going to change prices (they're going to be higher compared to my rates in the past) and I'm going to enforce some rules:


Sorry, but I need time to get into this. I barely draw anymore as it is, and if I'm going to get back into it I need to start small with projects to build myself back up so I can get used to these things.


1. PAYPAL ONLY, I do not accept DA points.

2. All commission details must/will be discussed in private via PM's here on DA.

3. Be ready with references to what you want, be it the character(s), the poses, or any other details you need me to keep note of when you PM me.

4. You need to be able to keep in contact with me constantly: I will be constantly back and fourth asking about details because I tend to need very specific guidance with what I do for clients. Make sure you are available for me to communicate with via PM's for the sake of quicker progress for your image. 

5. I will only accept payment after we've discussed all the details and you've made sure of what you want. I will begin work after I've been paid.

6. First come, first serve. I will tackle the commissions I need to do in the order of who ever paid me first.

7. For the time being: Maximum of only two characters per image, No Backgrounds, and no sequences. For now, I want to do simpler images that I can get out the way one after another until I finish.


Inked black and white/No color: 10$

Mature Content

Ced To Daphne 11 by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Inked with Color: 15$

Mature Content

Cody as Star Butterfly by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Inked with color and shading: 20$ (Please specify if you want Cel shading or soft shading)
Example (Cel Shading):

Mature Content

Kafei as Saria by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Mature Content

Impmon As Kari by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Mature Content

Commission for CodyNakamura (No BG) by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Mature Content

Pearl unmasking by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Example (Soft Shading):
Gem Maids by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Extra: Inset or alternate masked/unmasked image: 2$ more
Example of insets:

Mature Content

Differus Complete ALT by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Example of alternate Masked/Unmasked versions:

Mature Content

Mama Toad Unmasked by Mean-Motor-Scooter
 Mama Toad by Mean-Motor-Scooter

Extra: + 5$ for any additional character (Will only do two characters per pic maximum for the time being)

Current Slots Available: (ALL FULL! Sorry!)

1. Meadowthedoe

2. Meadowthedoe

3. Meadowthedoe

4. Lucythebat

5. Lucythebat

Keep in mind I'm not just limited to just images revolving around suiting/masking (though I'm sure that's mainly what people are going to ask of me) I'm also willing to do non-masking related images as well, so don't be afraid to ask for something outside of what I normally do (For example, a picture of a character in mid transformation or something). It could even just be a picture of a character in general. Feel free to let me know!

Also, if you wish for your image to remain private and not be posted anywhere (or just prefer to remain anonymous whether the image is posted or not depending on your wishes) Make sure you tell me (I have no problem with private pictures for people)

HOWEVER, I have the right to refuse doing certain concepts/subject matter for what ever reason, and I will only accept payment AFTER I've accepted the commission. 


Mario Antonio
United States

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(On that note, would it be okay to post this in my gallery?)
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Happy Birthday~ :D I hope it's an awesome one! ^.^
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