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For those who I contacted about being involved in a future Christmas pic:

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to take it back, it's not happening for three reasons:

1. I'm gonna need time to fix up my computer: A lot of crap is currently taking up tons of space and it's been running slower than usual. It will take me a week or two to go through everything entirely since a lot of files or unorganized at the moment as well as do other things to boost the performance. This will leave me less time to do the Christmas pic over all.

2. My physical health is at a low point again and I need to get it checked out. My breathing and heart aren't looking good, and I think the stress of trying to complete a large project and please others would just make things worse. I need to take it easy and not put myself in a stressful situation like that just to be safe. Last thing I need are heart palpitations or to breath heavier than I already am. (Not to mention winter is coming: The one time of the year I'm more prone to sickness thanks to the cold)

3. Because I got too many people to be in it. Not only were there people from the original Halloween pic I did going to be included in this new Christmas image, but there were new friends I've made since, people who I want to pay back for doing nice things for me, and people who missed out on the Halloween pic due to lack of time.

The amount of people to include went from 6 to 12, and considering it took me a month to do the Halloween pic even after I cut corners, double the characters will complicate things... not to mention the inevitable response that one or two people are still gonna feel left out or feel like I purposely excluded them from the image, which will cause another set of problems.

As I said before: I can't afford stress right now since I don't want to risk my health getting worse over the pressure of having to finish things in a short amount of time, the stress of having to organize everything with everyone else (since not everyone is always on to give me information when I need them), the fact that certain people being in the pic might be a problem for others, and how people who were excluded/left out might respond. 

I am sorry if I got anyone's hopes up, and I do promise that in the future I will try to do something nice for the people who were supposed to be involved, but right now I have other priorities... Hopefully you'll understand. 


Mario Antonio
United States


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Thank you for watching!!
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Question, what happened to your picture of Spike in a dress? You know, this one?
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Had to do some cleaning around the gallery, guess it ended up being scrapped or something. Sorry bout that
Zizum Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016
owww :(
FireMaster92 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016
Hey what do you think of Lorelei/Prima's appearance in Pokemon Generation Episode 3…
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Not really feeling it to be honest. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty, but I always preferred the purple hair since well, I love the color purple.
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